From Christian Long:

"Laptops? (Yawn)
"Blogging? (Yawn)
"PowerPoint? (Snore)
"Multi-Media Center with a Starbucks 'coffee house' espresso shot in the backside? (Daring? 21st century school? Yawn.)

"How about we stop talking all giddy-like about the technology. For us, it's not about the box. Not even about the iPod in pink or black. And it's definitely not about the email (psst: we don't email 'cept when old people need help).

"It's about the conversation. The ricochet of words. The energy. The fact that its happening right here right now and it ain't coming back.

"You tell me to turn off the game. Because you're staring at the box. I can't turn off the game. Because the game ain't in the box.

"So, stop making technology such a big deal. You want laptops. I got a cell phone. And you still don't get it.

"'cause no matter what you spend your money and professional development time on, for us it's about being inside the game, inside the story, in real-time.

"Everything else is over-priced and ready for recycling."